Day 21: Boot Camp PERFECT!!! 👌

For the next week, try to follow all twenty resolutions, all the time, in your relationships.  Even if you don’t have even one perfect day during the week, your effort will help you raise your standards for how you engage with the people you love. – Gretchen Rubin

I would love to tell you that day 21 is deemed a day of rest, but nope – instead it’s a whole week filled with opportunities to use everything we learned during the 21 day happiness project!  I’m going to make an effort to exercise everything from giving nice surprises to giving warm greetings and farewells.  What was your favorite happiness ritual?  Mine was definitely JUMP! because not until recently did I realize just how lethargic I get at work in the afternoon.  Instead of zombie walking to the break room for another cup of coffee when the clock strikes 2PM, I got out of my chair to stretch my legs!  This has started to give me just enough of an energy boost to make it through the rest of work, not fall asleep at the wheel driving home, and even greet my handsome fiance with a kiss on the lips and a tasty dinner for two 🙂


Now, the real question is…What will I blog about next?  There are so many topics and genres to choose from that my head is spinning!  Since I just got engaged to the most magnificent man I’m would LOVE to start talking wedding stuff.  What do you think?  Too cliche?  I would love to hear your opinions!

Chao! 💋 Adrien



The Beginning of a Beautiful Relationship

Welcome to my blog!  You may be wondering: “Why Classic Adrien?”  After debating for weeks months on what to name my first website (((and considering all the things that make me ME))) – I came to the conclusion that although my personal style is multifaceted, it always incorporates an element of classic elegance.  May it be my single string of pearls, high-wasted skirt, simple heels, or button down shirt – My style always infuses a classic staple with an element of surprise; such as: a pop of color, miss-matched pattern, or unexpected detailing.  So this got me thinking…

How do you express your personal style?