Drawers Too Tight for Tights?

Tailored Tuesday:


Kate Bosworth’s Closet ❤

Today, instead of using my Tailored Tuesday post to rave about my latest shoe obsession, I’m going to address an issue that every girl had dealt with sometime in her fashion-obsessed life: Too Many Clothes, Too Little Room.  My biggest difficulty in this area is managing my love for crazy tights!


Here’s a little background on my tights obsession (nylons, stockings, support tights, pantyhose…You choose).  When I was a sophomore in high school The CW came out with the hit new drama Gossip Girl (need I say more?) and of course my favorite character was Blair Waldorf.


I know that I’ve spent other posts raving about her marvelous style, ingenious scheming skills, and bittersweet attitude but never once have I focused in on my favorite part about her wardrobe – Her tights!  Being a high school girl in a “well-developed” neighborhood I instantly inherited a love for crazy tights paired with heels and high-waisted skirts.


Luckily, tights are not a staple that’s going to break the bank so by the end of the year I ended up with almost 30 pairs of tights in every hue, fabric, and texture!


Until recently, I simply dealt with the fact that they’re unmanageable from an organization perspective, and let them free-float around my drawer like a million crazy octopuses.  Let’s be real.  You can’t fold tights.  You can’t pull out one pair without 5 others coming along for the ride.  And every black pair looks the same in a dark drawer whether or not the lace is patterned or solid.  The above (and following) photo(s) are real – This chaos had to stop!


So while laying awake in bed the other night (pondering about completely random things) I came up with the exceptionally simple idea of placing each pair in a plastic baggie, labeling it with the color/style of the pair, and squeezing the air out to create space.   Boom – DONE!  After sifting through every pair in the drawer (and recognizing that I’m an adult now so I don’t need so many ridiculous pairs of tights) I limited myself to 10 essentials and let the organizing begin.




After being amazed by how much extra room I had in my drawer after bagging each pair, I decided to throw my belts in bags as well, then even had room for my clutches!  Perfect!




Do you have an organization hack that’s simple yet effective?  I would love to hear it!


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