The Beginning of Something Beautiful 🌷

Hey Ladies & Gents!

Alright – so, for the past week I’ve been in renovation mode when it comes to what in the world 🌎 I should tackle next on Classic Adrien.  Thanks to everyone who voted for what they would like me to write about because you’ve helped me decided that instead of blogging about one specific topic for the rest of my days, I’m going to combine the best of everything by creating daily themes!  Let me explain 😃  I made a list of everything that I enjoy doing in my spare time and reading about on my blog feed, then I took my favorites and came up with daily alliterations.

Drum roll please! 🎵:

  • Music Monday 🎶


  • Tailored Tuesday 👭


  • Wedding Wednesday 🎁


  • Thirsty Thursday 🍹


  • FreeStyle Friday 🎨


  • Scenic Saturday 🌅


So welcome to my very first Music Monday!  Although many of these are self explanatory, if anyone has any questions don’t hesitate to ask.  This style of blogging is something that I love and hate at the same time because where it keeps my creative juices flowing, it also doesn’t give my blog a specific theme of it’s own.  That’s alright with me 👍 though because this will cover the bulk of my favorite hobbies in life including (but not limited to 😉 ): Music, Fashion, Weddings, Drinks, Creativity, and Travel.

So sit back and enjoy because we’re about to start one heck of a journey!


💜 Adrien