Tailored Tuesday:


It may be because I’m a Delta Zeta girl, because I’m a proud girly girl, or because bright pastels bring a huge smile to my face – Either way, I love Lilly Pulitzer.  Up until her death about a year ago Lilly lived in the spotlight of fashion as an icon and socialite, and fortunately for her fans, her influence on the fashion industry lives on!

Lilly Pulitzer is remembered for her innovative, bright, colorful, floral patterns, and is also commonly known as the “Queen of Prep” because of her influence on preppy clothes for women, men, and kids.  (Not to mention her company also designs shoes, accessories, maternity clothes, bridal attire, bedding, AND stationary!)


Surprisingly, Lilly’s clothing line took off from behind an orange juice stand in Florida!  She found that squeezing the fruit all day was making a mess of her clothes, so she designed a sleeveless “shift” dress made with bright, colorful cotton.  After receiving numerous complements on her dress, she started to make more and more of them by hand to sell at her juice stand.  Before she knew it she was selling more dresses than juice!


In 1959, Lilly Pulitzer became president of her own company, Lilly Pulitzer, Inc.  Socialites and fashionistas alike began to fall in love with her bright and beautiful patterns, and after Jackie Kennedy was featured in Life Magazine wearing one of Lilly’s designs the company continued to grow exponentially.  Still today, the Jacqueline dress is one of Lilly Pulitzer’s most successful styles.


Today for my Tailored Tuesday post I would like to feature a must-have spring essential to commemorate Lilly on years of crafting beautiful textiles and designs.


The Buttercup Scallop Hem Short combines everything spring from the bold pattern, bright colors, and delicate scallop hem.


I love that these shorts are still flirty yet modest with a 5″ inseam, and are crafted using 100% cotton so they’ll always be a comfortable weekend alternative.  They would be perfect for running errands or heading to the beach paired with a wedge heel, cardigan, and string of pearls.

In my opinion, shorts with a scalloped hem are definitely a spring staple.  What else should I made sure to have in my closet this spring?  I would love suggestions!



Classic Blair Waldorf

I, like many other girls in their early 20s, virtually grew up in a penthouse on the Upper East Side alongside Blair, Serena, Lonely Boy, and Chuck.  That’s right GOSSIP GIRL!  In high school I immediately related to Blaire’s timeless style and became engulfed in the lives of Gossip Girls elitist characters.  Now that I’ve grown up and graduated college, I still find that many of Blair’s stapes resinate with my wardrobe today.  I compiled a few of my favorite, classic Blair looks below 💝

What accessory do you think Blair wears the best?  Is it her headbands, pearls, handbags, or shoes?!