Drawers Too Tight for Tights?

Tailored Tuesday:


Kate Bosworth’s Closet ❤

Today, instead of using my Tailored Tuesday post to rave about my latest shoe obsession, I’m going to address an issue that every girl had dealt with sometime in her fashion-obsessed life: Too Many Clothes, Too Little Room.  My biggest difficulty in this area is managing my love for crazy tights!


Here’s a little background on my tights obsession (nylons, stockings, support tights, pantyhose…You choose).  When I was a sophomore in high school The CW came out with the hit new drama Gossip Girl (need I say more?) and of course my favorite character was Blair Waldorf.


I know that I’ve spent other posts raving about her marvelous style, ingenious scheming skills, and bittersweet attitude but never once have I focused in on my favorite part about her wardrobe – Her tights!  Being a high school girl in a “well-developed” neighborhood I instantly inherited a love for crazy tights paired with heels and high-waisted skirts.


Luckily, tights are not a staple that’s going to break the bank so by the end of the year I ended up with almost 30 pairs of tights in every hue, fabric, and texture!


Until recently, I simply dealt with the fact that they’re unmanageable from an organization perspective, and let them free-float around my drawer like a million crazy octopuses.  Let’s be real.  You can’t fold tights.  You can’t pull out one pair without 5 others coming along for the ride.  And every black pair looks the same in a dark drawer whether or not the lace is patterned or solid.  The above (and following) photo(s) are real – This chaos had to stop!


So while laying awake in bed the other night (pondering about completely random things) I came up with the exceptionally simple idea of placing each pair in a plastic baggie, labeling it with the color/style of the pair, and squeezing the air out to create space.   Boom – DONE!  After sifting through every pair in the drawer (and recognizing that I’m an adult now so I don’t need so many ridiculous pairs of tights) I limited myself to 10 essentials and let the organizing begin.




After being amazed by how much extra room I had in my drawer after bagging each pair, I decided to throw my belts in bags as well, then even had room for my clutches!  Perfect!




Do you have an organization hack that’s simple yet effective?  I would love to hear it!



Music Monday:

First, let me take a #SELFIE.


Alright, now that that’s all taken care of we can get on with the post!  Call me “out of the loop” but for the first time ever I both heard the song Selfie and witnessed the affect it has on white girls at the bar.  The second the beat hit my eardrum I knew I was missing out on something fantastic because everyone’s hands immediately hit the sky and the awkward dancing bouncing began.  Catchy – yes; accurate – yes; a brilliant composition – I think not, but who am I to judge.


In my opinion, the “Selfie” has become a real art for active smartphone users, and I know from experience that capturing the perfect selfie takes lots of practice because of the angle, light, and proximity to the lens.  I personally love the selfie trend because I don’t like bothering others to take my picture, and this way I can take as many as I want (as frequently as I want) without having to call the amateur photographer back to when I’m not crazy about their work.  Selfies have revolutionized the world of apps, photo editing programs, and cell phones in general because now nearly every phone is equipped with a forward facing camera.  Even though some people still need to use a mirror apparently…


The song #SELFIE is mostly an EDM song but it also features verses spoken by a narcissistic woman in the bathroom of a club.  I, like most other 20-something females, can highly relate to this song and I love that everyone has their own interpretation of the lyrics.  In a nutshell, Alexis Killacam is in the bathroom criticizing other club goers, explaining her love/hate relationship with a man named Jason, fixing her makeup (multiple times), and taking selfies to upload to Instagram.  Now, for those who are reading this post and are NOT active club goers, this pretty much happens on an hourly basis.   Also, let’s be real, the most difficult part about Instragram is finding the PERFECT filter (which is also addressed in this song).


Although #SELFIE has received many negative reviews, it hit the top of the charts in countries such as Finland, Sweden, Australia, Norway, and of course the United States.  Whether you love it or hate it, #Selfie by The Chainsmokers is all over social media right now.  In fact, some have compared it to the Harlem Shake, Valley Girl, or The Fox.  The Chainsmokers released #SELFIE four months ago today and stated the following in a recent interview:

“Honestly, “Selfie” is kind of a phenomenon for us. We made it and thought it was funny and put it out as an edit. Then Dim Mak wanted to buy it, and they bought it from us and put it out officially and we made a video for it. This was all just because we thought it was fun. And then the song just kind of took on a life of its own. Which is honestly really great because it’s brought in a new audience of people that listen to music that we’ve made that we’re more passionate about.”


Even though my first reaction to this song was “OMG what the heck is going on here?” due to the immediate arm waving, bouncing, spilling drinks, flashing iPhones, and smiles – my overall feeling at the end of the song was “Woah, that was kinda fun!”

Check out the Official Video below:

So, what’s your opinion?  Do you remember your first reaction to the song #SELFIE, and could you relate to the lyrics?

Also, here are some of MY recent selfies because, well, why not?! 😉

How Ty Popped the Question!

Wedding Wednesday:

So, I just realized that even after a month of wedding posts I never told you the WHOLE story of how Tyler proposed!  Well – Here it is 🙂


For my birthday, we planned a romantic getaway to the Windy City to see the sights, hit up the shops, and dine like we’ve never dined before. After a chilly Friday night ice skating in Millennium Park, dining in a fancy restaurant, and getting into The Roof of The Wit Hotel for free (& enjoying one too many cocktails), we endured an even colder Saturday morning strolling Michigan Ave.

Later that afternoon we found ourselves back in the hotel room frostbitten and worn out. We then proceeded to buy an $8 bottle of Barefoot Moscato and head down to the hotel lobby to play checkers and chill in the grand leather furniture. Eventually we decided it would be a good idea to grab some grub so we headed to an Irish Pub for an authentic meal (because I had a coupon, of course), and afterward headed back to the hotel. After 30 minutes of debate on what to do next, we called a cab and ended up at The Cite…70+ floors above the city.


The restaurant was decked to the nines with floor to ceiling windows, a stunning view of Chicago, the finest of dishes & wine for company, and goers with shoes that cost more than my whole wardrobe combined. Anyway, we were seated at a table for two and ordered a fancy bottle of wine (because hey, we’re on vacation). Not even two minutes later Tyler said, “I have to go to the bathroom,“ and I said, “go for it, sweetie.” A few minutes later the waiter came by and told us the wine would need some additional time to chill and to just sit tight for another 10 minutes. We were happy to wait because we were definitely not in a hurry to escape the amazing view and, let’s be honest, there’s nothing worse than warm white wine.


About 10 minutes later the waiter returned to drop the wine off at the table…then walked away. “How rude,” I thought to myself once I noticed that the cap was still on the wine. Then I did a double take. Tripple take. Could that be, is it, no…that’s just one sparkly freebee. Nope – that’s no freebee, THAT’S AN ENGAGEMENT RING! Before I knew it Tyler was on one knee (taking nearly the whole table cloth with him) and proposing right there in the middle of the restaurant! Of course I said, “(heck) yes” and the rest of the night was full of toasts, laughs, super fancy cheese, and spirits.

(((Later that night I discovered why he seemed so nervous to use the bathroom…It was because he had given the ring to the host to tie to the neck of the bottle of wine we ordered. How sweet ❤ )))



What’s your dream way of being proposed to?  Or, if you’re already engaged/married, how did he pop the question?