Drawers Too Tight for Tights?

Tailored Tuesday:


Kate Bosworth’s Closet ❤

Today, instead of using my Tailored Tuesday post to rave about my latest shoe obsession, I’m going to address an issue that every girl had dealt with sometime in her fashion-obsessed life: Too Many Clothes, Too Little Room.  My biggest difficulty in this area is managing my love for crazy tights!


Here’s a little background on my tights obsession (nylons, stockings, support tights, pantyhose…You choose).  When I was a sophomore in high school The CW came out with the hit new drama Gossip Girl (need I say more?) and of course my favorite character was Blair Waldorf.


I know that I’ve spent other posts raving about her marvelous style, ingenious scheming skills, and bittersweet attitude but never once have I focused in on my favorite part about her wardrobe – Her tights!  Being a high school girl in a “well-developed” neighborhood I instantly inherited a love for crazy tights paired with heels and high-waisted skirts.


Luckily, tights are not a staple that’s going to break the bank so by the end of the year I ended up with almost 30 pairs of tights in every hue, fabric, and texture!


Until recently, I simply dealt with the fact that they’re unmanageable from an organization perspective, and let them free-float around my drawer like a million crazy octopuses.  Let’s be real.  You can’t fold tights.  You can’t pull out one pair without 5 others coming along for the ride.  And every black pair looks the same in a dark drawer whether or not the lace is patterned or solid.  The above (and following) photo(s) are real – This chaos had to stop!


So while laying awake in bed the other night (pondering about completely random things) I came up with the exceptionally simple idea of placing each pair in a plastic baggie, labeling it with the color/style of the pair, and squeezing the air out to create space.   Boom – DONE!  After sifting through every pair in the drawer (and recognizing that I’m an adult now so I don’t need so many ridiculous pairs of tights) I limited myself to 10 essentials and let the organizing begin.




After being amazed by how much extra room I had in my drawer after bagging each pair, I decided to throw my belts in bags as well, then even had room for my clutches!  Perfect!




Do you have an organization hack that’s simple yet effective?  I would love to hear it!


Wear Your Heart on Your…Back?!

Tailored Tuesday:


One style that I have been OBSESSED with the passed couple years are cut outs.  The dilemma, as with most of women’s clothing, is that you pay more money for less fabric.  But no worries, it’s worth it!


When I came across this Heart&Bow Dress on Love Culture I just had to share.  Now, you don’t have to know me well to know that there are few fashion trends I love more than bows, hearts, & pearls, and this dress contains 2 of these right off the bat (and it’s oh-so-easy to add a string of pearls, too).


The open heart cutout gives this mint colored dress a flirty edge, but the adorable (and removable) bow belt adds a sweet touch at the same time.  Being petite, I love the “skater dress” cut because I believe it looks great on everyone, and the textured knit fabric will be comfortable yet structured for long-wear days.

Pair this timeless dress with Rhinestone Ankle Strap Heels and a Large Pearl Necklace and you’re good to go!




Loving Love Culture?!  Learn more about their boutique HERE to check out their adorable clothes and accessories!

Classic Blair Waldorf

I, like many other girls in their early 20s, virtually grew up in a penthouse on the Upper East Side alongside Blair, Serena, Lonely Boy, and Chuck.  That’s right GOSSIP GIRL!  In high school I immediately related to Blaire’s timeless style and became engulfed in the lives of Gossip Girls elitist characters.  Now that I’ve grown up and graduated college, I still find that many of Blair’s stapes resinate with my wardrobe today.  I compiled a few of my favorite, classic Blair looks below 💝

What accessory do you think Blair wears the best?  Is it her headbands, pearls, handbags, or shoes?!